Neutral Bowl

Neutral Bowl

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Height x Width: 3.25 x 4.5 inches
Clay: White
Glaze: Matte Clear

Individual or build a set, these little bowls are perfect for so many uses! 

*Listing is for a single bowl. To build a set, add quantity to your cart!

All pottery is handmade from start to finish, fired two times, and glazed all within my home studio. Each piece starts as ball of clay, is either built by hand or created on the wheel, after being cleaned up, shaped and trimmed the item then dries out. Once the piece is bone dry it will go into the kiln for the first firing where is will be heated up to 1940 degrees Fahrenheit pulling out almost all the moisture. After it cools, the item is then sanded of any sharp edges and rinsed before getting its glaze application. At that point, it will go back into the kiln for its final firing which will reach 2232 degrees Fahrenheit. The piece is inspected for any imperfections that make it unusable or unsafe after it has cooled. Each piece is unique, and like handmade work, perfectly imperfect. All work is one-of-a-kind and created with love.
This piece of pottery is 100% functional. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. The glaze used on this piece is certified AP Non-Toxic and food safe/lead free and has met FDA Test Standards. The glaze colors of this piece may vary slightly in different lighting.

Flannel Feather is trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible with packaging. We ship all our items with recycled packaging or packaging that can be recycled. We encourage you to recycle your packaging upon arrival too!